How well did your child do on their last writing assignment? If they struggle with writing papers, getting grades returned can be stressful.

    Even if your child usually does well on writing assignments, simple mistakes can prevent them from getting the grade that will bring their GPA up.

    Writing isn’t easy. During this challenging time where many students will be at home, learning to write well is even harder. Fortunately, there are services and tools that your child can use to make sure their papers are perfect.

    Share this blog with your child to show them how they can use WriteAhead’s tutoring service in combination with CorrectEnglish’s automated writing feedback to boost their grades.


    If you struggle with proofreading your own work, creating a resume can be a daunting task. The pressure is on when you’re writing a resume. You have to present your skills and experience in the best light, and even the smallest grammar mistakes can make a bad impression.

    Spelling and grammar mistakes are easy to miss, especially when you continuously revise your resume for different job opportunities. However, it’s vital that you polish your resume before submitting it – or you may never even land the interview.

    Great resumes are also well-organized and structured in a certain way so as to show that your experience in your field is strong.

    WriteAhead is a tutoring service that offers not one, but two or more rounds of feedback on your resume. It’s built with CorrectEnglish, a spelling and grammar tool that offers automated feedback, included.

    Read on to discover three ways grammar proofreading and a tutor can improve your resume


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