How To Get Extra Help With Your Child's Grades

    How well did your child do on their last writing assignment? If they struggle with writing papers, getting grades returned can be stressful.

    Even if your child usually does well on writing assignments, simple mistakes can prevent them from getting the grade that will bring their GPA up.

    Writing isn’t easy. During this challenging time where many students will be at home, learning to write well is even harder. Fortunately, there are services and tools that your child can use to make sure their papers are perfect.

    Share this blog with your child to show them how they can use WriteAhead’s tutoring service in combination with CorrectEnglish’s automated writing feedback to boost their grades.


    Get Feedback On Your Book Report

    If you have a book report due tomorrow, you may feel pressure to get it done as quickly as possible. It’s important to meet your teacher’s due date, but you also have to make sure that your report is written well, or simple mistakes will bring down your grade.

    CorrectEnglish quickly checks your grammar for you to make sure you avoid mistakes like:

    • Misplaced modifiers
    • Subject/verb agreement errors
    • Sentence fragments
    • Incorrect use of apostrophes after possessive pronouns
    • Misuse of commas

    Once you’re done running a grammar checker, you can speak with a tutor to finetune your book report further and make sure your content and organization are on point. You will get not one, but two reviews with a tutor. If you think you need more help from your tutor, you have the option for additional rounds of feedback.

    With flawless writing, you can impress your teacher and boost your grade on your book report.


    Use A Plagiarism Checker On A Research Paper

    If you’re learning how to write great research papers, you’re probably getting used to compiling quotes and facts to prove your thesis.

    You may feel stressed rushing to finish your paper by its due date, but you’re not alone – many students procrastinate on assignments.

    One major mistake you don’t want to make is copying a paper or forgetting to cite a source because you’re in a hurry. This would be considered plagiarism. Plagiarism has severe consequences, sometimes as life-changing as expulsion.

    Step 1: Before you submit your paper, use CorrectEnglish to check your paper for originality. CorrectEnglish checks from a vast library of resources to make sure you never plagiarize unintentionally.

    Step 2: Once you’ve used the plagiarism checker, review your paper two times with a tutor using WriteAhead’s service. Your tutors can help to make sure the sources you’re citing support your argument in your paper.


    Write More To Learn More

    Research shows that the more you write, the better of a writer you become. Not only that, but writing more in a subject area improves your knowledge and expertise in that area.

    WriteAhead is a tutoring service with CorrectEnglish, a continuous writing mastery tool, built in. You can use WriteAhead and CorrectEnglish at any time to practice your writing and become an expert in your field of study. Your teachers will be impressed by how eloquently you write on the topics that interest you. That means better grades now and better job prospects in the future.

    Writing’s a skill that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. To learn more about how you can boost your grades with WriteAhead, visit

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