3 Vital Ways Grammar Proofreading And A Tutor Can Improve Your Resume

    If you struggle with proofreading your own work, creating a resume can be a daunting task. The pressure is on when you’re writing a resume. You have to present your skills and experience in the best light, and even the smallest grammar mistakes can make a bad impression.

    Spelling and grammar mistakes are easy to miss, especially when you continuously revise your resume for different job opportunities. However, it’s vital that you polish your resume before submitting it – or you may never even land the interview.

    Great resumes are also well-organized and structured in a certain way so as to show that your experience in your field is strong.

    WriteAhead is a tutoring service that offers not one, but two or more rounds of feedback on your resume. It’s built with CorrectEnglish, a spelling and grammar tool that offers automated feedback, included.

    Read on to discover three ways grammar proofreading and a tutor can improve your resume


    1. Good Grammar Shows You Value Professionalism

    During your job seeking process and subsequent career at a company, good grammar will help you get ahead. It shows that you’re passionate about polished work and is a sign of respect to the people who are reading your writing.

    If you were to submit a resume with multiple typos, hiring agents or future supervisors may assume you sent it in a hurry.

    Everyone is rushed sometimes on the job, but when you are still working to make a first impression, you want to do everything in your power to show that you’re passionate about the quality of your work.

    While proper English writing may present a challenge if writing isn’t your strength, a grammar proofreading tool makes the task simple. Just run the tool in your web browser and use an online document editor, such as CorrectEnglish, to proofread your resume.

    Then, work with your tutor offered through WriteAhead to ask questions about how you can improve your writing in the future and remember certain complex writing rules that may have taken you by surprise.


    2. 73% Of Employers Want Candidates With Writing Skills

    According to a National Association of Colleges And Employers statistic cited in Inc., employers usually choose the candidate with better writing skills when they are torn between potential new hires.

    Jason Fried, founder of Basecamp, advises employers that writing skills will pay off. He notes that candidates who can write well will be able to communicate more easily within the company.

    WriteAhead does not only work to correct your grammar, but it teaches you to be a great writer. CorrectEnglish, the built-in continuous writing mastery tool, offers explanations for every correction given so that when you make revisions, you learn why they’re necessary.

    If you have questions or concerns, you get two or more rounds of reviews with a tutor. You may also ask questions about whether certain sections of your resume convey clearly what you meant to say. Plus, your tutor will be ready with feedback on organization and style. This feedback is valuable because improving your writing skills will help you get the job and succeed in the future.


    3. Your Competition Will Be Using Grammar Proofreading Tools And Resume Coaches

    When potential employers read your resume, they will compare it against other candidates’ resumes. Some of your competition may have similar experience and related skills to you. What happens if they also have a resume that’s written better?

    The best way to make sure your resume doesn’t get shuffled to the bottom of the pile is to ensure your message, organization, and grammar are spot on.

    Even if the job you’re applying for doesn’t list writing as a required skill, it will be in the back of hiring managers’ minds. They will want to pick a candidate who can succeed at the company and looks great on paper.


    Ready to get started? If you want the best shot at landing a job interview, use WriteAhead in combination with CorrectEnglish to perfect your resume and make a great impression with hiring managers. To learn more about WriteAhead, visit www.writeahead.com.

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