Writing Rewards

    Finals and research papers are approaching and as the holidays get closer, it can become difficult to motivate yourself to get your writing assignments done. This year let the holidays be your motivator instead of a distraction!

    Here are a couple of festive ways to reward yourself for getting your writing done this semester!


    1) Watch A Movie

    This may seem like a given, but a great reward for finishing your writing assignment is sitting down to watch a movie. There’s nothing more relaxing after agonizing over a paper than turning your brain off for a bit and watching your favorite holiday films.


    2) Bake Holiday Cookies

    Another great way to reward yourself is to celebrate typing your last sentence by baking some cookies! A tasty treat to put you in the holiday spirit after a long day of essay writing.

    Or another way you can motivate yourself is to treat yourself to a cookie after you finish a page of your assignment; that way you still have to work to earn your treats, but you also get to break up the monotony of the task.


    3) Make a Snowman

    Finish your essay and celebrate by building a snowman or having a snowball fight! That is, if you have the snow on the ground to do so. Now that you’re done for the semester, let off some steam and have fun with friends or family at the same time!


    4) Wrap Gifts

    All semester you’ve been stressed with getting all your assignments done on time, and now you’ve left the holiday preparation to the last minute. Reward yourself for finishing your writing assignment by wrapping gifts just in time for the holidays!


    Happy holidays from all of us over at WriteAhead! If you’re struggling to finish your writing assignments this winter, working with a tutor may be beneficial for you. Visit our website to learn how a WriteAhead tutor can help you become a better writer just in time for finals. www.writeahead.com

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