Preparing to get the most out of tutoring

    How to Prepare for a Productive Learning Session with Your WriteAhead Tutor

    1. E-mail your writing project to the tutor ahead of the session.
    2. Bring (or e-mail your tutor) copies of materials related to your specific writing project, such as:
    • assignment instructions (focus, content, formatting, length, etc.)
    • grading rubrics
    • relevant links you can share with your tutor (Google docs, website)
    • job listing
    • employer’s requirements for a cover letter
    • templates
    • class notes
    • drafts of your work
    • instructor or authority figure’s comments on previous writing projects
    1. Think about what you want to accomplish in your session (your goal).
    2. Make a list of questions to ask your tutor.
    3. Situate yourself in a comfortable environment that is conducive to a video conference.
    4. Access the video conference with a growth mindset, ready to learn how to . . .


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