Common Spelling Errors (And How To Avoid Them)

    We know that spelling can be a challenge for even the most accomplished writer, but it is also a key indicator for teachers to understand how well your child understands the material they are writing about.

    That is why working with a tutor to review your writing can be so helpful. They catch the mistakes that your eyes skip over from reading your own writing so often.

    Below is a list of 12 commonly misspelled words and helpful tips from our team at WriteAhead, an online tutoring service dedicated to improving writing skills, on how to avoid them!


     1) Accommodate

    Often misspelled as “accomodate”, keep in mind that this word has double c’s and double m’s.


    2) Acknowledgment

    This is a word that is often padded with an extra “e” by writers. This may be the correct spelling in the UK, but the American-English spelling does not include an “e” between the “g” and “m”.


    3) Calendar

    Remember that even though it may sound like this word needs an -er, it’s calendar.

    An easy way to remember the spelling has an “a” is associating the word “calendar” with what it annotates: days. 


    4) Colleague

    Notoriously spelled wrong in countless professional emails, there’s just something about the -eague that trips up even the most competent of writers. Common misspellings include: collaegue, collegue, and colleage.

    *A helpful tip is to remember that the word league is in colleague!


    5) Conscientious

    Commonly misspelled as conscienCious, keep in mind that even though the word derives from conscience, there is a “t” in the middle of the word and not a “c”.


    6) Necessary

    It is necessary that you spell necessary correctly, so don’t forget that there is one “c” and a double “s”!


    7) Receive

    We all learned the rule “i before e except after c”, and yet, many of us still are confused when it comes to receive even though it follows the rule exactly.


    8) Referred

    Often spelled “refered”, keep in mind the double “r’s”.


    9) Successful

    People often forget the double c’s or the double “s’s”. Stay one step ahead and remember them both!


    10) Beginning

    Most commonly misspelled as “begining”, don’t forget that beginning has two “n’s” in the middle.


    11) Bizarre

    This is a word where people usually confuse where the duplicates belong. Remember that it is bizarre and not “bizzare”.  


    12) Tomorrow

    Another case of the misplaced duplicates. Keep in mind that the sun will come out tomorrow and not “tommorrow”.


    If you’re still struggling to remember how to keep your spelling in check and are looking to improve your writing skills as a whole, working with a tutor may be beneficial to you. A writing tutor in particular will be able to help you get the writing help you need and improve your writing skills for future projects or assignments.

    WriteAhead, an online tutoring service, uses expert writing tutors with years of experience to tailor each session to your specific writing needs. So, if you need help with your spelling, one of our writing tutors can help you pick through your assignment to find any spelling errors and provide you with helpful tools to keep you from making the same mistakes repeatedly in your writing. To learn more about how our tutoring service can help you, visit

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